Fortune suite of products are bank-grade platforms. They are secure (PCI PA-DSS), scalable (PCI DSS), interoperable and open (VISA/MC). Our platforms are also ready to support upcoming trends, including EMV, Aadhaar and Rupay. Being aware of your concern for cost, our platforms are built on non-specialized hardware and use open-source wherever possible. Finally, we are service provider independent. We work with your partners, whoever they might be.

Our suite of offerings support closed-loop solutions where the bank is both the issuer and the acquirer. We also offer open-loop solutions which connect to domestic and/or international payment networks.

KYC requirements have been incorporated in the base design of the platform. Statutory and compliance reports are available as default features.

Our platforms can be deployed at the bank's infrastructure or can be hosted at FortunePay's data center. Additionally, the platform can be dedicated for a bank or can include multi-tenancy. As the bank's requirements and business evolves, Fortune platform can morph to meet your needs. Our redundant and available architecture ensures no Single Point of Failure (SPOF).

The products are built on standard ISO 8583 messaging platform making integration easy and quick.

Our domain expertise, gained by working with banks, will come across very clearly when you look at our platforms or meet with our team.